About Houses

The School of Engineering adopts a house system for first-year advising, which is facilitated by the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP). Each house comprises a diverse mix of first-year engineering undergraduates, including local, mainland, and international students, and is aided by SENG faculty, staff advisors, and senior student mentors. Apart from delivering guidance and assistance through peer advisory sessions, the Peer Mentors also arrange a range of activities in various areas of interest to enrich your first-year journey in the School.

You will receive an email in late August containing information about the house to which you belong.

The four houses that belong to SENG are: Ace, Oasis, Nexus, and Metanoia.

House Red – Ace

Welcome to House of Ace – the place where engineering school freshmen come to thrive! Our team color is red, symbolizing our passion and determination to excel in all that we do. We believe that everyone has the potential to be an ace, and we are here to help you unlock your full potential. Our house is a welcoming and encouraging community, filled with fun and laughter. Joining House of Aces means joining a family that will support you, challenge you, and help you grow into the best version of yourself. So come on in, and let's show the world what it means to be an ace!

House Blue – Oasis

Welcome to Blue House, also known as Oasis! Oasis aims to be a resort of refreshment from academics and is dedicated to building a strong community at SENG and helping mentees bridge the gap into university life! We believe in creating a supportive and engaging environment where you can connect with fellow schoolmates and experienced mentors. We are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of academic and campus life, and to make the most of your time here at HKUST. Join us in Blue House, and let's work together to make your university experience an unforgettable one!

House Green – Nexus

Hello everyone! We are the Green House and also known as Nexus. Our house aims to strengthen the connection between the mentors and mentees and also within mentees. Here, you can make new friends and connect with each other during various fun activities on and off campus! Mentors in Green House are really energetic, and you can always come to us if you have any questions towards the academic or campus life!😆 We hope our activities can let you know more about HKUST and to enjoy the time you have in HKUST!

House Grey – Metanoia

Hello Freshmen, this is Grey House, also known as Metanoia! It's time for transition into your first year of university and make it a memorable and rewarding experience!

Metanoia refers to a transformative change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion. Obviously, our goal is to help freshmen experience a similar transformative change during their first year of university, empowering them to grow and develop into responsible, ethical, innovative, and empathetic individuals. As second-year or above students, we have already experienced the challenges and opportunities that freshmen will encounter in their first year of university. We believe in the power of peer support to help students navigate this important transition.

At the core of our house is the belief in the butterfly effect - small actions can have a big impact, and positive change can ripple outwards from individual students to the broader university community and beyond. We will do our very best to support and guide you through your first year of university and beyond. See you all soon!